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  • Zalman unveils ZM-VE200 HDD/ SSD Enclosure

    Korean cooling specialist Zalman has unveiled the ZM-VE200, their very first external HDD enclosure. Measuring 135.3 x 78.6 x 13.1mm and weighing about 98g, the stylish aluminum enclosure boasts both USB 2.0 and eSATA connectivity, supports most 2.5″ SATA HDD/ SSD, provides convenient access to its internal drive, has a write protect key, and a

  • Nokia shuts down Ovi Music Unlimited, nobody knows that it existed

    Another day, another unfortunate bit of news involving Nokia. This time, it is the company’s software services that is involved: apparently Nokia has decided that its Ovi Music Service which offered free music downloads was not attracting enough attention to warrant any farther investment and has pulled the plug on it. Wait, Nokia actually offered

  • Apple CEO Steve Jobs Takes Medical Leave Again

    Apple Inc.’s visionary and hands-on leader, Steve Jobs will be taking an extended medical leave once again. He would however, remain CEO of the company.

  • Facebook makes user details accessible to third party apps

    Facebook users beware. Apparently, the social network giant has announced in its developer’s blog that it will be making user details accessible to third-party applications. Be careful not to divulge too much of your personal information on Facebook, or simply disallow apps to access your data.

  • From Disney with love: Exclusive Japan-only Disney smartphone shows up online

    A long time ago, in the digital age much much earlier before, Disney actually had its own line of Disney-themed mobile phones for sale, although the company eventually pulled the plug on it sometime in 2007. And now, four years after Disney has sold its last mobile phone, it appears that the company may just

  • “Excuse me sir, but you have to remove your cheeseburger from the public PC.”

    As we have stated before, it is always the simple but deceptive gadgets out there which captures our eyes. And apparently, the good folks from Brando have got yet another interesting device to get not-so-IT-savvy people out there scratching their heads in confusion. Anybody fancy enjoying a cheeseburger on a PC? Read on to find

  • AT&T gives Nokia the heave-ho on the X7

    If Nokia was hoping to use upcoming X7 as a tool to regain a hold on its rapidly declining market share in the mobile phone space, USA is definitely not going to be one of the countries it can rely on. Unfortunately for the Finnish mobile phone giant, US carrier AT&T has reportedly canceled all

  • Frozen Apple iPhone 4 not covered under warranty

    If you are travelling to cold countries where the temperature falls below zero degree celsius (or 32 degree Fahrenheit), remember to leave your iPhone 4 at home. Apparently, if your iPhone got frozen and is damaged due to the extreme cold weather, Apple will not replace or repair it.

  • Rumour: HP will port webOS to netbooks?

    Dumping a smartphone operating system onto a computing device like a netbook may not be the most sensible thing to do, but it cannot be denied that OEMs have attempted to do so with varying levels of success. And if HP has its way, the next entrant to the netbook game will be powered by

  • FSP Group Introduces Aurum Series PSUs

    Taiwan based FSP Group is readying its Aurum series of PSUs for release.

  • LG disappointed about Windows Phone 7 visibility at launch

    Even though Microsoft have announced the Windows Phone 7 few months back, with LG being one of the closest partners, it looks like the Korean manufacturer isn’t too happy about the weak visibility at launch.

  • Motorola Atrix 4G – Redefining Mobile Experience

    At CES 2011, Motorola unveiled the Atrix 4G, a Tegra 2 based smartphone. Today, Motorola has also showcased in their video how the smartphone is able to adapt to different docks in different environments. Look inside for more information…

  • Antec Launches Sonata IV Chassis

    Antec, Inc. has unveiled its Sonata IV mid-tower chassis, adding on to the Sonata line-up of silent enclosures. Measuring 550 x 275 x 515mm and weighing 9.3kg, the steel chassis supports all Mini-ITX, microATX, Standard ATX motherboards and has eight drive bays (3x 5.25″ external, 4x 3.5″ & 1x 2.5″ internal), seven expansion slots, built-in

  • CM Storm Introduces Spawn Gaming Mouse

    CM Storm, a gaming subsidiary of Cooler Master, has unveiled the CM Storm Spawn (SGM-2000-MLON1), a gaming mouse designed for professional gamers. Measuring 75.5 x 110 X 35mm and weighing 142g, the compact rodent features a 3500 DPI Storm Tactical Optical Sensor, anti-slip rubber grip, a Sentinel-X 32KB microprocessor (for up to 7 button assignments),

  • BlackBerry Torch 2 Leaked

    For all BlackBerry fans out there, here is one good news you’d need to know. Research In Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry Torch will have a younger brother soon. Excited? Read on for rumored specifications!

  • Charge your phone anytime, anywhere with TUNEMAX STICK BATTERY

    Mobile chargers are life-savers especially if you have forgotten to charge your phone the night before. And this latest mobile battery charger from TUNEWEAR not only charges iPhone, but also iPod Touch, iPod Nano and other mobile devices.

  • RaidSonic Launches Icy Box IB-NAS6220

    RaidSonic has announced its Icy Box IB-NAS6220 NAS server, aimed at users who wants to share their data with family and friends online. The compact server, powered by a 1.2 GHz Marvel 6281 processor, has 256MB of flash memory, 256MB of RAM, a Gigabit Ethernet, three USB 2.0 ports, locks on both bays, a rear

  • IOGEAR Preps Multi-link Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad for Release

    Californian based IOGEAR is preparing to introduce its Multi-link Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad (GKM611B), targeting both office and home users. Weighing about 860g, the compact keyboard features a bluetooth 2.0 interface (with a range of up to 10m), controls up to six bluetooth devices, has a touchpad with two buttons, and is powered by two

  • Motorola Alpha leaked, could be Motorola CLIQ 2

    According to a leaked T-Mobile internal documents, it looks like a Motorola phone called Alpha could be in the pipeline. And from reports, the Motorola Alpha could be the Motorola CLIQ 2.

  • HTC buttonless smartphone could be running Android Honeycomb

    When HTC Sync update came about few days ago, pictures of HTC Thunderbolt, Merge and a mysterious smartphone were seen. And it looks like the unknown phone has no buttons and could be running Android 3.0 (Honeycomb).