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  • Motorola’s Android tablet is called Droid Xoom

    Remember the upcoming Motorola MotoPad that runs Android (Honeycomb) operating system? Well, apparently the name is going to be Droid Xoom and the tablet device will not have 4G LTE support. Not that it is a must-have feature.

  • G.Skill launches RipjawsX 2300MHz CL7 memory and more for Intel Sandy Bridge

    G.Skill has launched a whole range of performance memory kits, dubbed RipjawsX for the new Intel Sandy Bridge platform. These memory modules are available in 1333MHz, 1600MHz, 1866MHz, 2133MHz, 2200MHz and 2300MHz flavors. Maximum memory capacity offered by this series is 16GB, on selected models only.

  • Share your Kindle ebooks with friends, but you won’t be able to read on yours

    Amazon has introduced an ebook lending feature on the Kindle that lets you share your ebooks with your friend for two week. Bad news is, once you shared the ebooks, you will not be able to read those ebooks until they have been “returned”.

  • Dell Quietly Updates Online Store With IPS Panel-Totting ST2220T Touchscreen Monitor

    With multitouch being such a huge deal on smartphones and mobile Internet devices, it should be no surprise that developers and OEMs are keen to put that same functionality on a desktop PC where possible. And at least one OEM thinks that desktop multitouch is a good idea: Dell has just updated its product page

  • Samsung To Introduce World’s Lightest 3D Glasses

    3D-capable television sets are slowly but surely trickling down to mainstream consumers, and it usually goes without saying that consumer electronic devices need to have a certain visual appeal in order to do well in the market. And Samsung seems to have taken this knowledge to heart with its latest range of 3D glasses, which

  • Major telcos in Korea reluctant to sell Google Nexus S

    While Google’s latest Nexus S Android smartphone was recently launched in US and some parts of the world, it looks like the phone may face some problems with some telcos who are reluctant to sell the phones. The reason? The search engine giant insists on its distinctive software apps which makes its difficult for carriers (especially in Korea)

  • No Facebook for iPad? No Problem: There’s Facepad

    Everybody wants to own an iPad, and most people today have reached a point where it is almost not possible to think about going for a whole 24 hours without the vital online social networking service known as Facebook. And yet, for all the iPad’s appeal, an official Facebook app has yet to hit the

  • Nikon D7000 Review: A great mid-class, high-spec DX-format camera

    Nikon has recently unveiled their new highly anticipated D7000 Digital SLR (DSLR) camera for the digital photographer enthusiasts, putting itself between the D90 and D300s lineup. Was it up to our expectations? VR-Zone takes a look at this mid-class, high-spec DX-format camera.

  • Emails went missing in Windows Live Hotmail

    2011 has just descended upon us and already it looks to have caused the iPhone’s alarm to not work properly. And it looks like the “Y2K11″ bug may also be the culprit that caused some emails in Windows Live Hotmail missing.

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Specifications Revealed

    The release of NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 560 is no secret, neither is the fact that it is a polished and unlocked GF104. The GF114 chip, fully unlocked for GTX 560, features 8 SMs with 8 PolyMorph engines and 384 SP. It will retain the 256-bit memory interface from GTX 460 1 GB, with a slightly

  • Rumour: AMD to revive “FX” branding with Bulldozer

    AMD’s Bulldozer is set to receive the “FX” branding, which has been absent since the Athlon 64 FX-70 back in 2006, according to DonanimHaber. The flagship 4-module, 8-core CPU Zambezi will be branded as Vision Black FX. 4-core and 6-core Bulldozer CPUs will be branded as Ultimate Vision FX.

  • GIGABYTE Quietly Unveils New Dual-Core Netbooks

    While most OEMs make it a point to announce to the world about product refreshes and new releases, some seemingly choose to do the direct opposite. Instead of making a big deal, these OEMs opt to quietly update the information on their webpages and wait for discerning consumers to sport the minor differences. Which in

  • In Soviet Russia, GPS Kills The iPhone

    There is no denying that the iPhone is the single device which is capable of making other standalone gadgets obsolete due to its capabilities. But even then, that has not stopped various smartphone OEMs from proudly attempting to make something which has often been touted as the “iPhone killer”. And this time, the latest ‘iPhone

  • Piracy Rears Its Ugly Head At Windows Phone 7

    Windows Phone 7 may have reached a new high in terms of user experience, but it appears that the Redmond giant has forgotten about one key aspect of the OS in their quest to make it as user-friendly and polished as possible. And it appears that this oversight may be coming back to bite them

  • HTC files trademark for HTC Scribe, hints at tablet device

    Despite other manufacturers who have launched their tablet devices, HTC has none yet to compete in this space. But that could change next year as the Taiwanese company has filed a trademark to the names “Scribe” and “HTC Scribe” which hint at the possibility of the tablet device.

  • Android Market secretly reaches 200,000 apps

    While Android has been playing catch up to Apple’s App store, it looks like the Google camp has just secretly welcomed their milestone 200,000 apps; Apple’s App store is reported to offer 300,000 apps and growing.

  • Rumour: AMD preparing “revision” for HD 6950/6970?

    Gabriel Rouchon, CEO of water-cooling experts Swiftech, has revealed that AMD is planning to release a revised PCB for the Cayman cards HD 6950 and HD 6970. Following a delay of 3 weeks, AMD rushed “initial release” products to the market, with a “revision” coming shortly. The changes are hinted to be related to VRM

  • Rumour: AMD’s 28nm mobile GPUs revealed

    Turkish website DonanimHaber reports that AMD is preparing to release 28nm mobile GPUs at the end of 2011, tentatively branded AMD Mobilty Radeon HD 7000 series (though this could end up as Radeon HD 7000M just as well). Four codenames associated are Wimbledon, Heathrow, Chelsea and Thames, and the series will be fabricated at 28nm.

  • VR-Zone is hiring (Journalists/Writers/Researchers and a Community Manager)

    Resistance is futile – VR-Zone is aggressively expanding in 2011 and we would like to hire adept ad-hoc/intern/part-time/full-time individuals to fill certain creative media and administrative positions, probably the likes of you!  Read on to find out more.

  • Universal Tech MyMovie MV3800 and MV2500 review: Because Movies Are Meant To Be Viewed On Big Screens

    If Hello Kitty can never have too many friends, then we over at VR-Zone will proudly claim that one can never have too many movies to watch, especially in this era of 2TB hard disk drives and the upcoming fiber-optic broadband network. And we got not one, but two media players up for review this