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  • Android 2.2 Froyo upgrade delayed for Milestone users in Europe

    The Motorola Milestone has been retailing in Singapore since March, and the maker has plans of the mobile operating system updates for the Android 2.1-powered phone. Just that despite the long wait, Motorola said the Android 2.2 Froyo update would be available in Q1 next year, for users in Europe (and hopefully other countries too).

  • Sony Announces New Cloud-Based Music Shop, Calls It “Music Unlimited”

    The practice of selling data over the Internet has been proven to be a very successful business model for some big companies, and needless to say, many have started to jump on the bandwagon in the hope of capturing a small slice of the online store pie. And Sony is no exception: the Japanese electronics

  • Hacked Nokia N900 running Google Android 2.3

    While Nokia has already said it will not go for Android, but Windows Phone 7 instead, hacker Alexey Roslyakov (DrunkDebugger) has managed to replace the Nokia N900′s Maemo 5/MeeGo operating system with Google Android 2.3 (Gingerbread).

  • Mozilla released Firefox 4 Beta just before Christmas

    Mozilla has released the Firefox 4 Beta just few days before Christmas. The new browser claims to offer easier device setup for Firefox Sync as well as expanded support for 3D graphics in the browser. Have you downloaded the new Beta yet?

  • Just in: Google Chrome Cr-48 Laptop Found For Sale on eBay

    Now that didn’t take long, didn’t it? It has been only about a couple of weeks since Google made headlines with their Cr-48 notebook, which ran off a beta version of its web-based Chrome OS. And today, it appears that those who were lucky enough to get their hands on a Cr-48 have a found

  • Sharp brings Galapagos 3D phones to China

    The Sharp Galapagos 3D smartphones were launched in Japan since last month, and the phones do not require special glasses unlike the 3D HDTVs. While Sharp smartphones are generally only available in Japan, it looks like it may come to China (and possibly other parts of the world too).

  • Leaked: Ubuntu-powered Tablet Spotted in China?

    Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth has been claiming that the developers working on the Ubuntu Linux distribution have been busy smoothing out the rough edges of multitouch support for the OS, and this latest leak reported by Giz-China seems to confirm that fact. Apparently, an unnamed slate PC loaded with the Ubuntu Linux distribution has been

  • HP PalmPad Tablet PC design exposed; 3 models to unveil at CES

    HP has trademarked the name “PalmPad” in July this year and in the past months, the manufacturer has been developing their new tablet devices. Well, apparently, the PalmPad Tablet PC design has been leaked and from some sources, the company may unveil three tablets at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES), happening in eary January next

  • Pantech Announces Two Android-powered Smartphones

    The Android wave is sweeping across the world, and it seems that nothing will stop it from achieving the status of being the most popular smartphone platform in the world. And Pantech’s latest announcement is proof of that: the South Korean smartphone OEM has announced two additional Android-powered handsets as its contribution to the Android

  • Lamborghini Spyder S680 smartphone unveiled

    When it comes to luxury smartphones, the few that come to mind are Vertu, Prada as well as Lamborghini. The ASUS Lamborghini Eee PC VX6 was launched two months ago and now, the luxury car manufacturer has unveiled their latest S680 smartphone of the Spyder series.

  • NEC To Announce New Range Of Android Products At CES

    NEC may not have much of a presence here, but it is clear that the Japanese electronics OEM is still alive and kicking, especially in the consumer electronics area. And as proof, the company has announced that it intends to showcase a wide range of Android-powered devices at the upcoming CES in the US. Of

  • Skype is down, blames offline supernodes

    If you are trying to use Skype right now, you may find that it isn’t working properly. Well, the company has updated on their blog and state that the problem is due to a problems affect some “supernodes” and putting them offline. Rest assured that Skype is doing something about this, though it will take couple

  • Gainward announces GeForce GTX 570 Phantom

    With a stylish and eye-catching design, and a cooler with six heat pipes and triple 80mm fans that promises low temperatures and low noise levels, Gainward’s new GeForce GTX 570 Phantom is arguably one of the most attractive non-reference cards out there in the market. The card was officially announced earlier today; more details after

  • Famous composer Ennio Morricone makes music for LG smartphones

    Korean manufacturer LG is incorporating music composed by famous composer, Ennio Morricone, to its smartphones starting with the Optimus 2X which was announced last week. Fifteen ringtones and ten of the best-known tunes are pre-loaded on the hand-helds and there are plans to develop apps related to the renowned composer.

  • Toshiba Launches Glassless 3DTVs For Sale In Japan Today

    More often than not, the real cost of owning a 3DTV comes not from the actual television set itself. Rather, it is the close of the active shutter glasses that usually end up costing users a small fortune, especially if one has a big family living under the same roof. This is where Toshiba’s lineup

  • Mysterious tablet from Sony spotted at FCC

    A mysterious tablet device was spotted at Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filing and it looks to be a Sony. Looks like the Japanese company is also joining in the tablet wars, although there isn’t more details about the tablet device yet.

  • Leaked: Mini iPad Spotted In Taiwan?

    It has been rumored that Apple already has a mini iPad in its secret stash somewhere in Cupertino, and that such a device will only be launched sometime next year. However, it seems that Taiwan gets to enjoy first dibs on that secretive, scaled-down Apple tablet; popular Taiwanese singer and race car driver Jimmy Lin

  • Huawei IDEOS Review: World’s First Affordable Android Smartphone

    Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., the largest telecommunication equipment supplier in China and the world’s number 2 in the mobile equipment industry, had recently worked with Google to release their first-ever Android 2.2 powered smartphone, IDEOS. Touted as the world’s first affordable smartphone, let us take a look and see how it performs.

  • Logitech Announces Three New Gamepads For PC, Bundles Surprise Bonuses For MapleStory

    PC gaming may be here to stay, but there are times where the keyboard-and-mouse combination just does not cut it. This is especially true for arcade-to-PC ports, which usually necessitate a gamepad for a much better experience. And if you have a huge collection of such titles in your PC, this might be the best

  • Yamaha Infosound TV Will Blast High-Frequency Sound Waves In The Name Of Data Transfer

    To date, radio waves are the only way of reliably transmitting data to and from devices, but it seems that the day where that duty may be taken over by sound waves is not too far off the near future. And we have Yamaha to thank for that: apparently, the Japanese company has been successful