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  • Seagate announces high performance Barracuda Green desktop hard disk

    With many companies talking about their green initiatives, Seagate has recently announced their new Barracuda Green desktop hard disk that promise high performance and low power consumption, as part of their Think Green programs for a greener and more sustainable world. Available in 1TB, 1.5TB and 2TB capacities, the hard disk is now shipping worldwide.

  • HTC Legend gets Android 2.2 Froyo, but only in Europe

    Owners of HTC Legend would be pleased to learn that their smartphones are getting the new Android 2.2 Froyo update (although it isn’t the Android 2.3 Gingerbread). Unfortunately, that looks to only be applicable for users in Europe. Update: Android 2.2 update for HTC Legend is available in Singapore. Simply run your phone’s system software update, it is approximately

  • With World Domination On The Agenda, Google Moves To Prepare Chrome OS For Slates

    Now that Google has come clean on its future plans to make the Chrome OS user experience the default computing method in the near future, it should come as no surprise that the search giant is starting to look beyond notebooks. A quick look at the development page of Chromium OS reveals that plans for

  • AMD Radeon HD 6970 and HD 6950 Review

    After unexpected delays (and plenty of rumors that soon followed), AMD’s Radeon HD 6970 and Radeon HD 6950 finally see the light of day. The Cayman GPU brings a new VLIW4 core design that offers better efficiency and improved tessellation performance among others. AMD has positioned the HD 6970 as the superior enthusiast GPU, while

  • AMD Radeon HD 6970/6950 Voltage Modification Guide

      Our original AMD Radeon HD 6970 voltage modification guide verified, now updated to encompass all C200 PCB types. We show you how you can gain complete voltage control!

  • Creative Announces ZiiEagle Movie Box, Comes With 668 Movies

    What’s better than a media player that lets you watch high definition movies on your TV? Well, a media player preloaded with 668 movies. Creative Technology has just unveiled their latest ZiiEagle Movie Box and collaborated with Celestial Pictures to bring “The Complete Celestial’s Shaw Brothers Film Collection” to your TV.

  • JEHE Technology Announces Availability Of N20 Nettop Outside China

    Say what? A Chinese OEM is making their products available outside of China? That should be great for us all, right? After all, OEMs typically offer a greater variety of hardware in other countries, and this is apparently the case with JEHE’s N20 nettop, which sports some rather decent hardware under its small casing.

  • Toshiba unleashes NB500 series netbooks

    Despite the increasing popularity of tablet devices, the netbooks aren’t going away anytime soon. For Japanese maker Toshiba, it has announced its new NB500 series that come in five fanciful colors, and also the NB520 model which is equipped with premium Harmon Kardon speakers. (Not a common sight for netbooks with quality speakers).

  • Mac App Store For OS X Gets A Competitor In The Form Of Cydia

    Anybody who has jailbroken their iOS-powered device would have heard of the alternative mobile app repository known as Cydia, but it seems that the repository’s creator have got something a little more ambitious lined up. Apparently, Cydia will soon be launching its own App Store for OS X in a matter of weeks, thus setting

  • GIGABYTE GA-H55N-USB3 Review: 4-cores & More

    The number of publications that have tested this particular mainboard with 4-core Intel® Core™ i5-700 or Intel® Core™ i7-800 processors was worryingly small. So, we revisit the GIGABYTE GA-H55N-USB3 – a product which has been on the sale for almost two quarters now.

  • This Rodent Will Do More Than Track A Mouse Cursor

    Most people will game on their PC with nothing less than a decent keyboard and mouse. But even then, certain game genres still perform better when their commands are inputted via a controller or gamepad instead of the keyboard-and-mouse combination. This is probably what Shogun Brothers had in mind with the X1 mouse, which magically

  • It’s Official: Google is Planning For World Domination With Chrome OS

    Many developers do not attempt to compete against Microsoft in the desktop OS space, preferring instead to give consumers alternative choices. However, ‘giving a choice’ is not what Google has in mind: the search giant has revealed in an interview that it plans to go all out in making Chrome OS the ‘default way of

  • LG Unveils E90 Ultra-slim LED Monitor

    LG has announced their new LED monitor, E90, which claims to be the company’s slimmest at 7.2mm depth. It sports a stylish external design and features LG Image Booster for enhanced image quality, especially from video streaming sites like YouTube. The E90 will be available this month in selected countries.

  • AMD Radeon HD 6970 Pictures Leaked

    A forum poster at Hardware Luxx has posted the first high resolution pictures of the production reference design of AMD Radeon HD 6970. Specifically, it is a Powercolor HD 6970. At first glance, the card looks identical to the leaked pictures from November. The HD 6970 card is 27.5″ long, or nearly 10.8″, or the

  • Apple removes iOS jailbreak detection

    Apple has disabled jailbreak detection API in its iOS, secretly. This means that if users can choose to use alternatives, rather than iTunes, to load and modify apps on their jailbroken phone more easily.  

  • ‘U’ Stands For Unique And Ultraportable…

    ..Or at least, that is what Lenovo claims it is supposed to mean. The Chinese OEM has just announced some new additions to its U-series line of ultraportable notebooks targeted at users who want to make their computing experience a little more ‘fun’. And with Christmas coming right up, it might not be a bad

  • Dell Launches Inaugural Alienware Arena Asia League

    Dell has acquired Alienware, known for their high-end gaming PCs, few years ago, and  for this festive season, the company has held an inaugural regional gaming competition in Asia for gamers to compete for the title of Asia champion.

  • Microsoft To Release Huge Security Bulletin On Patch Tuesday

    Christmas may be the best time to finally get off that PC and spend time with friends and family, but users would do well to ensure that their computers are in shape for some serious updating. Come Patch Tuesday, Microsoft will be releasing a large number of patches to fix flaws in its software products

  • Motorola Singapore launches dust-proof, water and scratch resistant Defy smartphone

    Motorola has announced their new Defy smartphone which claims to be dust-proof, water and scratch resistant. Featuring 3.7-inch touchscreen display, the Motorola Defy will be available exclusively at all StarHub outlets by 18 December.

  • Google Wave Has Found A New Home

    Just when everyone thought Google Wave will go down in history as one of the biggest flops ever, out comes Google with an announcement to ensure that Wave will continue to live on in some way. Except that this time, it will be the open-source community which Wave will call its home from now on: