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  • God of War: Ghost of Sparta Review

    Released in November, the God of War: Ghost of Sparta is the second God of War title and the sixth installment in the God of War series, developed for the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP). In this game, you play Kratos, now the God of War, who went on a journey to explore his origins.

  • Google Insists Chrome OS Will Be Out By Year’s End

    The last time we spoke about Google’s upcoming Chrome OS, the search giant was in the midst of adapting the operating system to work on ARM processors and devices featuring System-on-a-chip designs. Since then, news about the development of the browser-based OS has mostly gone cold. However, the project is far from dead, and the

  • Logitec Readies 2.5″ External HDD Enclosure

    Logitec Corp of Japan is preparing to release its LHR-PBGU2 external HDD enclosure, targeting mainstream users.

  • Leaked: Information About Upcoming HTC Knight Smartphone Circulating Online

    Another day, another piece of leaked news about a smartphone. This time, the smartphone in question is the upcoming HTC Knight, and based on what preliminary findings have revealed, it is going to be quite the powerhouse in terms of features, hardware and connectivity. More on this coming right up after the break.

  • Super Talent USB 3.0 RAIDDrive reaches transfer rates of over 370MB/sec

    With second-generation USB 3.0 host controllers starting to emerge, Super Talent has announced that its USB 3.0 RAIDDrive can now reach even faster transfer rates of over 370MB/sec. By connecting the RAIDDrive to a newer host controller, the completely unchanged drive gives users a good 55MB/sec speed boost.

  • Plantronics Announces New GameCom X40 and GameCom X95 Gaming Headsets

    If you happen to own an Xbox 360 and are less than satisfied with the less-than-dismal sound being put out through the television set’s stereo speakers, Plantronics’ latest announcement will probably serve as a great start to the festive season. Not because they are offering any Christmas freebies though: rather, the company is announcing the

  • Microsoft Says Kinect Was Not ‘Hacked’; Interface Deliberately Left Open

    Sometimes, all a company needs to do is to provide a positive spin on a situation it has little control over and everything will work out nicely. This is apparently the case with Microsoft’s recently-launched Kinect motion sensing device, shortly after open-source hackers have announced the creation of a free driver to allow usage of

  • Steve Jobs Figurine Released

    Like him or loathe him, no one can deny that Steve Jobs is one of the most iconic figures in the world of computing and consumer electronics, for a variety of reasons. And apparently, so great is his fame that a Chinese manufacturer has seen it fit to give the Apple founder his own figurine.

  • Acer to launch their Tablet in U.S, ahead of Thanksgiving

    Acer will be launching their new tablet device in U.S. tomorrow ahead of Thanksgivings, in order to attract shoppers in this festive period. Aimed to compete with Apple’s iPad, the company has decided to launch it in (where else?) New York, also known as The Big Apple.

  • ‘Lightweight’ Version Of Angry Birds In The Works For Android?

    Apparently, Angry Birds is not made for every single Android smartphone. That was proven true when users of certain handsets were unable to play the game due to various reasons such as low screen resolution and insufficient processing power. Rovio’s solution to the problem? A new, ‘lightweight’ version of Angry Birds to support most of

  • Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab Android Tablet

    Apple may have their iPad tablet device, but so do other makers now. With the growing popularity of Google’s Android platform, it is no surprise that manufacturers are coming up with their own tablets based on the mobile operating system. In this review, we check out the Samsung Galaxy Tab, one of the first Android

  • Mashup With Facebook On MySpace

    If you are a member of MySpace, you can now carry over your likes and interests from Facebook to the formerly world’s biggest social network. MySpace now features a Facebook integration, called Mashup with Facebook, which allows users to show on their MySpace page their likes and interests from their Facebook profile, as well as stream MySpace content based on the information from Facebook.

  • MSI Unveils All-in-One PC Wind Top AP2000

    Designed for business users, the All-in-One Wind Top AP2000 has a small footprint and features a 20-inch LCD display (1600×900 pixel resolution). The AP200 also comes equipped with 2GHz Pentium Dual Core P6100 processor, up to 8GB DDR3 memory, 320GB SATA hard disk and is preinstalled with Windows 7 operating system.

  • LaCie Announces New USB 3.0 Capable Thumbdrive, The FastKey

    You know that a thumbdrive is fast when it ships with the ability to go from 0 to 260MB/s in 26 cubic-centimetres. And no, we did not make that statement up: those are the exact words that LaCie wrote on their official press release. But if you happen to need a USB 3.0 capable thumbdrive

  • Registry Hack Allows Mounting Of Windows Phone 7 Handsets As Portable USB Drives

    Of course, there is the approved Zune software to use for that, but some traditionalists may prefer to load files into their brand-spanking new Windows Phone 7 smartphone the old way: via drag-n-drop in Windows Explorer. And the good news is that there is apparently a clever way to do so, as long as one

  • OnLive Announces Cloud-based Video Game Console

    Video gaming without the hassle of downloading the content or inserting the game disc? Well, that’s what the OnLive video game console offers. The games are cloud-based, on-demand and the gaming system includes a MicroConsole TV adapter and OnLive Wireless Controller.

  • PowerColor introduces Active Mini DisplayPort to Single-Link DVI-D adaptor

    TUL Corporation has announced a DVI adaptor to utilize AMD’s Eyefinity technology through mini DisplayPort outputs. The PowerColor Active Mini DisplayPort to Single-Link DVI-D adaptor allows multiple displays through DVI monitors, which allows for an ultra-wide field of view in games, in the most affordable way.

  • It’s Official: Unlocked HP Palm Pre 2 Is Now Available For Sale And Shipping (In The US)

    Well, we apologize if the first few words of our headline got you all excited for a brand new Palm Pre 2 before you could finish reading the rest of it. But even then, think of it as a harbinger of good things to come. Now that the smartphone is available for sale in the

  • iLunascape Lite web browser now available for iPhone

    Japanese company Lunascape has launched their web browser for the iPhone (and iPad). Free to download from the Apple App Store, the “iLunascape Lite for iPhone” offers easy one-hand operation as well as various features including screen capture and hiding the address bar for maximized viewing area.

  • Just In: GSM Alliance Announces Development Of Embedded SIM Cards

    Remember the hoo-ha Apple caused when it was revealed that the Cupertino company was working with a security firm to implement a new built-in, software-configurable SIM card for future iPhones? Seems like the GSM Alliance had beaten Apple to it: the Alliance has announced plans for the development of a standard embedded SIM card to