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  • Galaxy Announces GTS 450 Hall of Fame

    “Our new GTS 450 Hall of Fame edition demolishes the competition with a core clock of 1000Mhz,” said Shane Vance, US Sales, Galaxy. “Our custom cooler, Samsung 0.4ns GDDR5 memory and Galaxy designed board allow us to achieve these insane speeds.”

  • Nikon Launches 3D Image Conversion Service, Announces New 3D Picture Frame

    3D technology is clearly gaining popularity among both manufacturers and end-users, and it seems that the current trend shows no signs of slowing down. And the most recent company to jump on the 3D bandwagon is Nikon, which has announced a new 3D image conversion tool for members of its My Picturetown service. Also up

  • Leaked: PayPal To Support Android By Today?

    Apparently, a staff member over at PayPal got a little too excited and jumped the gun by claiming that PayPal support is well on its way to the Android Marketplace even before any official announcements have been made. And while the post in the official PayPal blog has since been yanked down, it seems that

  • MSI BEAT IT QuakeLive Tournament To Take Place At Dreamhack In Jonkoping, Sweden

    From China to Sweden. That is where the MSI BEAT IT QuakeLive Tournament will be held, and at Dreamhack Winter 2010, the world’s largest digital festival. The tournament will be played on the first day of the event, 25 November, while the Grand Final will be played the next day.

  • Java-based Trojan For Mac OS X Discovered

    Malware? On the Mac? Barely a year ago, saying something like that to a Mac user would be akin to blasphemy of the walled Apple ecosystem. But now that a new Trojan has been found on OS X which has the potential to complete disable the OS’s access protection features, it seems like Mac users

  • Nikon D7000 Arriving In Singapore Next Month

    Yesterday, Nikon Singapore held an event to unveil their latest digital cameras and digital SLRs, including the highly anticipated D7000. According to the camera maker, the D7000 will be available early November, in time for consumers looking to buy a digital SLR during the holidays.

  • NVIDIA gains market share in Q3

    The story of Q3 2010 for the GPU industry has to be constant price cuts to the GTX 460 768 MB. Introduced at $199, it was already an excellent value, outperforming the similarly priced Radeon HD 5830. Prices were then cut to $189, $179 and finally $170, before settling at $165. At this price, the

  • Barnes & Noble Launches Nook Color Ebook Reader

    Earlier this week, Barnes & Noble announced their Nook Kids digital collection for children. And it seems like the book seller has also unveiled the new Nook Color touchscreen ebook reader for the consumers. It features a 7-inch color display, which stands out from devices using the black-and-white e-ink display.

  • AMD Radeon HD 6870 Memory Voltage Modification – With a Pencil

    We show you how to wring the last bit of memory bandwidth out of your spanking new AMD Radeon HD 6870 for next-to-nothing. Enough said.

  • Sony To Release New Hybrid MP3-CD-player Walkman?

    Yes, we know that Sony’s line of portable CD players is known as the Discman and not the Walkman. But with the company announcing the retirement of the cassette-based Walkmans only a few days ago, chances are they would be looking for a new addition to the Walkman brand.. And apparently, this hybrid MP3-CD player

  • PayPal Announces New Payment Solution For Digital Goods

    PayPal today announced the upcoming availability of PayPal for digital goods, a new in-context, frictionless payment solution that lets consumers pay for digital goods and content in as little as two clicks, without ever having to leave a publisher’s game, news, music, video or media site. And in other news, local company TYLER Projects has

  • DSL To Match Gigabit Speeds…Sometime In The Future

    Think that DSL is dead now that fiber optic broadband is on the way to becoming mainstream? Think again. Apparently, researchers over at Nokia Siemens have developed a new system that is supposedly capable of boosting DSL speeds at levels close to gigabit-levels. Now, the only question is how many of us will still be

  • Garmin-ASUS Ends Collaboration; Phones To Revert Back ASUS Brand

    In early 2009 Garmin and ASUS entered a partnership to co-develop the Garmin-ASUS navigation smartphones. And it looks like the collaboration is ending in January 2011 as Garmin has decided to pull out from the mobile phone market. Update: Official news release to change the current co-brand business modelinside.

  • Sony PlayStation Phone, On Android 3.0, Leaked

    Looks like Sony has a new phone – no, not Sony Ericsson but Sony - and it is the rumored PlayStation phone according to online sources. The PlayStation phone is likely to be running on Android 3.0, features a touchscreen display of around 3.7-inch and equipped with 1GHz processor.

  • Microsoft Releases Beta Windows Phone 7 Connector Application For OS X

    Remember how Microsoft raised some eyebrows when the company announced its plans to push out a Mac-compatible syncing client barely two weeks ago? It seems that the good guys over at Redmond were really serious about it, having released a beta for Windows Phone 7 Connector for OS X merely two weeks after the announcement.

  • Zotac Dual-GTX 460 Pictured

    The mythical “dual-GF104″ has been doing rounds in the rumour mill for over 3-4 months now. It was even rumoured to be branded GeForce GTX 490 over 4 months ago. Till date, neither a fully enabled GF104 nor a dual-GF104 has materialized. Zotac, one of NVIDIA’s premier AICs, has taken upon itself to create a

  • Scythe Chouriki 2 Plug-In 650W PSU Review

    While Scythe is well-known for their cooling products, we are going to look at something different from the Japanese company – a power supply unit. Scythe boasts some interesting specifications and performance figures about their Chouriki 2 650W Plug-In PSU; we will thoroughly test the power supply and see if it can live up to

  • Wi-Fi Direct Set To Replace Bluetooth?

    When it comes to seeting up an impromptu short-ranged wireless connection to share files between two or more PCs or devices, Bluetooth is usually the first thing people think of. But a new standard known as Wi-Fi Direct could see the Bluetooth’s usefulness quickly vanish into the void, if it ever gains traction. Read on

  • Avira Announces Presence In Singapore, Officially Introduces Flagship Security Products For Retail

    While Avira’s products may have a fairly large user base in many parts of the world, the company has yet to establish an official presence locally. That is all set to change: Avira has just announced its intention in making an entry to the local market in a press conference held today at the Marina

  • Sony Slashes Price Of PSP Go Handheld Game Console

    If you are planning to get the Sony PSP Go this Christmas, here’s a piece of good news. The Japanese company is lowering the price of the handheld game console by 37%, meaning the new retail price will be around US$199 from its launch price of US$249.